Integration Explained

Audio visual integration involves the application of technology to a room to transform your presenting, learning, communication and living spaces. The extent of the integration depends on your needs; whether you simply want to hook your laptop up to the big screen, host VC calls or control a multitude of the room's functions such as audio and lighting. We can program connections between each of these devices enabling you to operate them from a singular interface, such as an iPad, touch screen panel or wall mounted control. 

Integration For Business

Creating an environment conductive for collaboration and addressing the business needs at hand is key for corporate integration, allowing comfort and convenience for lengthy meetings. See below the many capabilities of integration for business.

Integration for the Home

Home integration will enhance a living space with personalised settings to match your mood. The customer can conveniently dictate both the interior and exterior lights, TV, audio, CCTV, heating and blinds all from a singular touch screen interface.