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Government of Nigeria

The Nigerian Government is housed in the city of Abuja. Here within the main complex stands the uniquely oval shaped Federal Executive Council chamber. It Is within this room that weekly meetings comprising of the President, Vice President and 51 member state leaders are held. The Government of Nigeria required a highly collaborative solution within their FEC chambers, taking in to account the room’s vast size.

A large multi-screen video wall was included to allow for the simultaneous display of multiple images, data and video as required. Individual pop-up monitors were embedded at each desk location to reflect the media shown on the video wall, for easy viewing. The room’s large size and unique acoustics meant standard audio solutions may not have been sufficient. Using DSP technology, the team enabled high quality audio to be heard at any desk location. ISDN and IP multipoint video and audio conferencing systems of the highest standard were installed. To overcome language barriers, audio translation in 4 languages was activated for all local microphones. Specialist software facilitated a queuing system where attendees would request to speak by pushing the appropriate button and would then be logged in a queue. Crestron control processors also facilitated the pillar mounted cameras to be controlled via a joystick mechanism or automated to focus on whoever’s microphone is activated. Document cameras, streaming, a comprehensive voting system and ‘head and shoulder’ video capture provided further convenience for attendees. The fully integrated room is controllable from many user-friendly devices at various convenient locations around the room.

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