Portsmouth Hospital

Medical simulation training solution


Portsmouth Hospital

Pixel Global developed and installed a technically advanced training facility to provide hospital trainees with immersive, role play scenarious to replicate the stresses and challanges of practicing medicine in an emergency situation. The facility consisted of a twin theatre and ward room, control room and a debrief room. 

Inside the simulation rooms lifelike mannequins are connected to medical equipment which can be altered by training staff to present varying, real-time symptoms and outputs which require diagnosis and treating by the trainees. Crestron technology was incorporated to provide automation and control of all AV components of the system unified via Crestron CP2E processors executred with TPMC Crestron touch screens. The system can also control camera joysticks and digital video recorders which can relay live video feeds to control and debrief rooms for trainers to analyse. Within the control room operators can talk freely with trainers within the facility facilitated by digital and radio microphones, audio processors and in ear recievers. 

The combination of automated mannequins and live role plays provided the client with the platform to recreate a variety of scenarious and the relatively complex system is made accessible via the simplified control solution. 

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