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Control Products

Control solutions to suit you

Control Products


There are a variety of different options available for the control of your integrated system. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to technology or a technology genious, there is a control solution to suit you. As locations vary between corporate board rooms to hotel guest suites, classrooms and operating theatres, we understand that needs will differ greatly. Suitable control options can be incorporated to best fit the environment. Whilst a hospitality setting may have an iPad recessed in to the wall to support the aesthetics, a boardroom may have a hand held control device to enable frequent operation from anywhere in the room. 

Traditional control method:

Hand held control devices can be implemented to remove the difficulties that some people face with new technology. Handheld controls are not only elegant and intuitive but can survive heavy duty use. 

Touch screen wall mounted device:

Whether you're an Apple or Android fan, the entirety of your room can be controlled from a flush wall mounted touch screen device. This sleek option allows you to make a statement, a simple app installation and you're ready to go. 

Mobile Phone Control:

As with wall mounted devices, mobile controls can be activated by installing the required app. This advanced method allows you to make on-the-go commands, even when you are out of home.

Pixel Global's experienced advisors are on hand to offer advice and recommendations on the best control product to suit you. Once decided on the interface, we are able to supply the full range of models from the leading manufacturers.