Our Company

Pixel Global was Incorporated In 2005. Since then we have established an unrivaled reputation as one of the world's leading AV solutions providers, built on quality and service.

We provide Audio Visual solutions to satisfied customers worldwide. Our highly personalised systems feature user-friendly control functions that make state of the art technology accessible to all. Pixel Global's core value involves offering a wholly in house service provision, ensuring at no point are projects outsourced. Learn more about our full service offering here. We are a customer centric company. A term widely used but here we truly employ it, ensuring customer centricity is embedded in every member of our valued team. We recognise that quality is of prime importance to our clients therefore our principles run right through to the finer details.  

Our locations

Made In Britain

Pixel Global is proud to deliver British design and technology the world over.

With 85 Nobel prizes in science and technology alone, Britain has always had a great reputation for innovation. With that in mind, Pixel Global is committed to the installation and integration of incredible audio visual technology, both in Britain and throughout our global offices; keeping the reputation alive.
Our British knowledge, standards, and expertise have been deployed globally to create a fully functional, integrated span of offices - taking British standards of excellence across the globe.


Pixel International

With offices around the globe we are never too far away from our clients, making us the ideal partner for large scale technology projects.

Many of our clients have homes, offices, stores and facilities in numerous countries and want consistently high levels of quality and service with uniform systems so that no matter where they are, the operation of their AV systems is familiar. So at Pixel Global this is exactly what we provide.

Our local operations are managed by teams fluent in the local language and business customs who operate to local time zones and currencies. Pixel Global is formed of locally registered entities for which all staff are employed directly by the company. This ensures consistency, streamlining and standardising of business practices - one team and one standard. As an office opens the new team undergo a training process from the UK Headquarters to ensure every project is delivered the Pixel way.


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